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      This Newsletter has been all too long delayed by bureauocratic goo getting Network Solutions to believe that I am me . They have proved you can wrap the web in tape as red as any previously produced with paper .
      From: Bob Armstrong Subject: K.Cosy : new hosting , new structure Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 15:57:49 -0400 To: Dear K.CoSy group members , I have moved the website to a new server which provides essentially a virtual Linux machine capable of hosting multiple sites . Everything is being moved off of Yahoo Groups so there will be no spurious commercial spam & poop-ups & unders , etc . All members material is now in a protected directory on the CoSy website . Your user name is the portion before the "@" of the email address at which you received this . Your password is your the whole email address . It seems you may have to enter your information twice when you first sign on . I had not planned to send this note until everything was all set up by Monday and I have uploaded the most recent edition of K.CoSy , but , being unfamiliar with Majordomo , it appears to have sent notes to everyone when I entered all the subscribers' addresses . I didn't want to leave them unexplained . Incidentally , the the K.CoSy I used to put the email addrs in the format required for input to Majordomo is : ( .R `MV )[ " , " ] ( .R `dic2csv )[ " , " ] ( .R `Dsel )[ Membs ; `email ] / which grabbed the the email addressed out of the members dictionary and / strung them out into a vector with commas separating them . ( .R `oF ) 0: r / which wrote out the result of the previous line to the standard output / file . / ( I was , not surprisingly , working in my .CoSy.CoSy.K dictionary at / the time , thus the relative references to the functions in the Root / dictionary , .R , set to `.CoSy as usual . ) Please contact me directly if you have any questions , or feel you have received this by mistake . YT , Bob A .

    MEMBERS : A new release of CoSy.csd is now available in the Members Directory .

    One useful addition to the new release is a dictionary of basic math and physics constants and English to metric conversion factors .
    This is openly available at the link below : Fact Dictionary ( text )

    Rapid Quantitive Modeling
    & a whole lot more
    CoSy Homes
    Constructing affordable homes
    in the Boroughs of New York City
    Contact : Bob Armstrong ; About this page : ; 212.285.1864
    Coherent Systems / 42 Peck Slip 4b/ New York NY 10038.1725
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .
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