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    MAY has been an eventful month . The first "Turn-on-and-use" K.CoSy NoteComputer was successfully set up and delivered . It is , in fact , the first ready to use CoSy NoteComputer delivered since my being diverted by family matters in 1987 .

    Only when prepared , even customized , ready to "turn-on-and-use" - does the powerful simplicity of KoSy become apparent . For many potential users of KoSy , like my old friend Raj , learning Windows to a truly useable level , is as large a task as learning the basic structures and operations of K.CoSy well enough to do what they need to do . And in K.CoSy , the rest is there , all open and accessible and coherent - a lifetime's worth .

        Contact me if you have an interest one of these "Ultimate NoteKomputers"
        based on top of the line Sony notebooks .

  • Jack Andrews , on the K language mail group , asked :
            > i'd be intrigued to know what sort of people do use CoSy and what they
            > use it for.
    Raj got it partly for friendship , partly because he knows if we are going to do any business together , it will be run in K.CoSy .
    I think the score of subscribers who have access to K.CoSy around the world thru the web , mainly , at this point , have used it just for exploration . It has been available just 10 months , and was minimal to say the least -- which is why I called it "extreme" and charter subscriptions have been so cheap . With the polishing inherent in creating the first turn-on-and-use machine , the next release will much smoother to use . I've uploaded the upgraded initial .CoSy.text variable .

    One use of K.CoSy is that , , given the paucity of books on K , K.CoSy provides an interactive introduction to K and hundreds of examples of useful words written in pretty decent K .

    But most fundamentally , I'm User 0 .  Like a Lotus Super 7 , lot of bare metal , but can gobble Corvettes on a twisty course .
    That's why I like the analogy of Colin Chapman's Lotus super 7 like this one I happened to spot in London after the Lancaster APL96 conference .
    Chapman built cars essentially to suit himself . An aestheic of lean performance dominated all his creations .

    Likewise , CoSy is what I've created to maximize my own efficiency dealing with the business of everyday life . An awful lot of this boils down to keeping records , both logs and accounts , of a number of miscellaneous interests and responsibilities .
    I have a head that works ( to the extent that it does at all ) at the APL - J - K level . Anything less is wasting my time , and drives me nuts . As I encapsulate more and more of the tasks I have to do , as the accounting cycles roll along , into vocabulary in K.CoSy , I free more and more of my time and energy for addition interests and responsibilities . An example of this sort of thing is the conversion of Schwab transaction histories below .
    Since most of these activities are common to any taxpayer , or company officer , I anticipate a market , perhaps thin but global , among that level of individual , particularly when custom interfaced to the important information systems of their businesses .
    And , of course , because it is an open linguistic system , I see it being a platform in which others can add their own expertises to present custom machines for their own clients and associates .

    I Look forward to meeting some of youall during the SIA Tek Expo when Kx will be in town .
    I plan to have an open house down here at Peck Slip , one of the evenings of the conference

  • #HTMLExtract

  • In response to a question ( below ) on the Kdb mail group , I have annotated the process of converting an html table to a K "DictionaryTable" or data base .
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