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       Dear KoSy members ,
       It's an odd thing to be personally developing and using a
       system and be frequently awed by it .
       The deep coherence of K's structure and the immediacy of
       it's tightly coupled "GUI" , with the reflexive nature of
       CoSy's vocabulary of open sentences ( and a few paragraphs )
       thru which it defines itself isomorphically in K , unfold
       capabilities inconceivable in lesser systems .
       An interesting aspect is that as time go on , I realise
       simpler ways to express things . Recently , I have been
       exploiting more , the equivalence between
        D[ `x ; `y ; `z ]
        D . `x `y `z
       which can be simplified from the general
        D . ( x ; y ; z )
       when  x y and z  are all symbols .
       This becomes particularly useful because
        D . `x.y.z
       throws a "domain error" .
       Here's an example closer to life .
       My main working  Job  is  .CoSy.BobA . It's where
       I keep the timestamped log of my activities , and
       a lot of lines contain mainly timestamps and tags to
       the various Jobs of particular projects and individuals
       I deal on and with during the day .
       I have ended up organizing my personal accounts in Jobs
       for each year . The various account tables , e.g . `chk
       `visa , `cash , et cetera thus have names as in this
       example .
       In  CoSy ,  f6  executes in the dictionary ( Job )
       you are working in .  You can access all the functions
       in the Root dictionary , `.CoSy , using the global
       "Root" tag  .R  which is set to  `.CoSy .
       Thus , working in  .Cosy.BobA.text  , I can write :
        ( .R `avg )
       and tap  f6  , and the result ( of this purposely
       meaningless example ) of accessing the  "average"
       function from the Root dictionary , and applying it
       to the amount column from this year's cash account
       is dutifully posted in  r .
       On the other hand ,  f7  executes in the Root
       dictionary after setting the variable `D in
       that dictionary to the name of the one you are
       working in . Thus , as an alternative to the
       above , you can write
        avg D . `acnts `y2002 `cash `amount
       and tap  f7  and get the same result .
       These examples have made clearer to me , the
       profound difference between   @   and   .
       particularly in properly structuring amendment
       expressions of the .[ ; ; ; ] and @[ ; ; ; ]
       variety .
       This month marks the end of the  Charter Year .
       Expect big things in this coming year .
       As Charter Members , you will always have most
       favored status and treatment . Thank you for
       your early support .
      Bob A
    The Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .

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