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       Dear K.CoSy Charter members and friends of CoSy ,
       If you have visited  recently , you will have seen
       that the period of charter subscriptions at a token cost , they having
       filled their purpose , has passed . It has produced a strong
       understanding of CoSy's powerful advantages over tradition styles of
       interface among a nucleus of individuals who took advantage of the
       charter availability .
       During this year , I have also evolved the mechanisms and usages of
       CoSy so that all my various responsibilities , the timestamped records
       of the relationships , their transaction histories , and the necessary
       tax filings , are current and reduced to a fraction of my time .
       I have also embedded in  CoSy  ( and my own experience ) the life cycle
       - the formation , accounting , and equitable dissolution - of a small
       partnership . I should have been spending my time pruning and shorting
       my portfolio , but trading seemed such a secondary activity compared
       with the potential of direct creation .
       Trading for your family's account , tho , is the ultimate
       responsibility if your family's assets are in the form of securities .
       The server-side support for such activities is , of course , the
       domain  K  rules . ( see  for example . )
       This activity is now sets the value of my time .
       Now that the Charter period is over , CoSy will focus on several
       markets .
      Current Kx customers
      Here the issue of an individual client-side license for the K underlying CoSy is not an issue . If your corporation already is a client of Kx Systems , we should talk . CoSy , the K IDE CoSy is the only Interactive Development Environment (IDE) available for K . I must admit I am itching for opportunities to benchmark its productivity against the scripting-compiling environments commonly used for K programming . CoSy is compatible with Kdb , and I seek tasks that expand the synergy between the two . Teaching K with CoSy CoSy , being an interactive notebook , is incomparable for teaching K in a simple step by step fashion where each line can be replicated , dissected , reexecuted with immediate results displayed , all saved with a keystroke . Working literally from within the K-tree , the concepts and subtilties of K's structure and notation become immensely more tangible and therefore learnable . Thru presenting CoSy and K to a wide variety of people , I have refined the sequence of introduction of concepts to ease the path to understanding of Arthur's remarkable creation . If you are a client of Kx and have personnel , perhaps including yourself , to whom knowledge of , or a deeper knowledge of K would be valuable , we should talk . Consulting in K with CoSy Implicit in the above is that I am seeking consulting tasks in K and Kdb to test the reality of my rhetoric . I look forward to working with the Kdb and large systems experts whose knowledge of these environments is so complementary to my own concentration within K itself . All of these uses bundle the necessary CoSy license .
      Potential Kdb server customers
      If you have leading-edge large scale quantitative database serving applications where Kdb technology is uniquely capable , let us pull it all together for you with the added benefit of CoSy as an interface for your most sophisticated users .
      Independent Client-side KoSy
      The highest value use for CoSy is clearly as the personal "noteComputer" for quantitative individuals who run their own affairs , whether family or business . This requires a substantial amount of personal tutoring and customization embedded in a top of the line Sony notebook . At this point in time , this can only be supplied with Kx's free download license which , while pointing out a history of 5 years availability , Kx reserves the right to revoke at any time . We are continuing to work hard to resolve this difficulty , but in the nonce , we will be working to demonstrate the value of the CoSy interface to K within the Kdb server market . Charter Subscribers I do plan to continue to aperiodically upload updates to the basic CoSy.csd which is on the CoSy Members page . As Charter subscribers , you will continue to have access until the end of October , or anniversary of the date of your subscription , whichever is later . If you not a customer of K but are finding CoSy of significant value to you , and can accept the limitations of the current K license , let me know . In any case , let me know . Your perception of the client-side value of the power of K , made comfy by CoSy , will build the case for an appropriate licensing structure . Thank you all for your early support . You have played a role in the creation of an ultimate built on an ultimate .
      Bob A
    Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .

    Contact : Bob Armstrong ; About this page : Feedback ; 212.285.1864
    Coherent Systems / 42 Peck Slip 4b/ New York NY 10038.1725
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