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    Criminalizing the Population

    I moved to Colorado in part to escape the Nanny Police State that New York has become . Now I find that the battle against the Nanny Socialists ( NaSi's ) must be waged here as vigorously as back East . A local Teller County paper , the Mountain JackPot , had a great ballsy cover on their issue announcing the passing of the extension of the drug war to nicotine here . They kindly accepted a guest editorial from me on "Criminalizing the Population" for their May 2nd 2006 issue .

    I have made a tee shirt from that cover as you can see here . It actually makes some NaSi's angry . I think that's fine because they need to know how angry they have made me and all who value individual freedom .

    I am offering it here for $17 of which $5 will be donated to fight the ban . The money odds are horribly stacked in favor of the nanny statists who are bankrolled not only by "public health" tax dollars and donations but by the moneys extorted from smokers thru the tobacco company settlements . The Nannys are blowing more than $800,000 just on an ad campaign touting the impending "smoke free" as opposed to just plain "free" Colorado .
    The bastards .

    The $5 per shirt collected will go toward adding a ballot referendum - which incidentally is expected to cost about $800,000 even without the funds really needed to counter the NaSi's propaganda .

    Colofornia Tee Shirt
    ( $5 to fighting the Ban )

    Colofornia Sweat Shirt
    ( $5 to fighting the Ban )

    Checkout thru PayPal

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    • The battle in New York My comments to NY City Council and more
    • Criminalizing the Population My guest editorial in the Teller County CO May 2 Mountain Jackpot paper :
    • SLUG 'EM My OpEd in the Teller County CO June 27 Mountain Jackpot paper :
    • Killing the passive smoking debate Michael Fumento : ...
      The reason active tobacco smoking could be such a terrible killer while passive smoke may cause no deaths lies in the dictum "the dose makes the poison." We are constantly bombarded by carcinogens, but in tiny amounts the body usually easily fends them off.

      A New England Journal of Medicine study found that even back in 1975 - when having smoke obnoxiously puffed into your face was ubiquitous in restaurants, cocktail lounges, and transportation lounges - the concentration was equal to merely 0.004 cigarettes an hour. That's not quite the same as smoking two packs a day, is it?

      But none of this has the least impact on the various federal, state, and city agencies and organizations like the American Lung Association for a very good reason. They already know they're scientifically wrong. The purpose of the passive smoking campaign has never been to protect non-smokers, but rather to cow smokers into giving up the habit.

      It's easy to agree with the ultimate goal, but inventing scientific outcomes and shutting down scientific debate as a means is as intolerable as it was when Nazi Germany "proved" the validity of eugenics.

      The instant red flag to me that the Surgeon General was spouting Bull Shit was his insistance that there was no safe level . That is such an egregiously unscientific statement that I actually looked up his bio to see what his qualifications are . It's apparently not stupidity but intellectual dishonesty which makes him say such things .

      This , on top of the FDA's recent insistence that marijuana has no useful medical properties shows that government science is an oxymoron . A dangerous one .
      My Sister
      pointed out that if smoke containing nicotine ( most of the components of cigarette smoke are , of course , common to any other organically based smoke ) is so uniquely poisonous , how come any of us born in the '50s and '40s are not long since dead ?

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