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    Rene I.AmTheBestArtist is famous for his murals around SoHo NYC . The images below are from an opening at his Gallery/Studio/Home at 147 Wooster , THU.OCT,971016 .

    Rene caused Mott to change the picture of a sliced apple on their juice can by noticing the similarity between the core seed pods and female genitilia . He has caused much consternation thru his signature correlation of the cunt and the crucifix .

    Rene claims the only permanent exihibited work at MoMA : a rather attractive minimalist grill I noticed before I even met him . This one , he found on the street and cleaned up .

    Rene`s NetScapes are very popular . Any women who would like Rene to make one for them should contact him directly .

    Rene with the woman of his life makeout infront of DaveLombard`s Met Mus .

    Dave Lombard 212-254-9718 ; 169 Sullivan #11 / New York NY 10012 and Kelli Bickman ; 212-260-9306 ; P.O. Box 208 / Old Chelsea Stn / New York NY 10113-0208
    exihibited in the front gallery .

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