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     / ======================== / tue jul 20010710 / ======================== /
    /1159/ George.Bush 0  going by on FDR . didn`t catch sight of him /
     /                     A DISK CRASH IS GOD All we know  &  All we don`t 's WAY                       /
     /                       OF SAYING "SLOW DOWN"                           /
     My APL bud ,  big Bob Hoekstra  , in from England   bringing an excellent bottle of duty free Dalwhinnie  , crashed in the
     42 Peck Slip office saturday night before the 2001 APL conference at Yale
     the week before last .  Bob stayed over after also . Also after , Brit Ray Cannon & Ruskii Sasha Skomorokov . Ask Ray for piks .   Held Evening after  evening seminar . In addition to Bob & Ray ,  Mikko from Finland made a round trip from New Haven . Then Bob & Ray & me went to video club under the Manhattan bridge , FUN 
     Eventually , we headed up to Sun Lok Kee on Mott , my favorite 0400
     Sezhuan place . Ordering 2 TsingTao , I tried to ask the waiter how
     to say "two" in Chinese .  Totally failed to communicate .
     At the end of the meal , on the back of my fortune cookie fortune was
                        Speak Chinese :  two  "er"  = 
     I mention this only as an example of how commonly improbables happen .
          Thursday afternoon , June 14 , I was  on top of the world .
     I had gotten the processing of my CoSy web pages in Arthur Whitney`s  K
     streamlined to the point I was restructuring CoSy/Home and the whole
     CoSy website so that I could present my work triumphantly at APL2001
     the following week .  I had the taxes and accounts I am responsible for
     all organized in K and ready to be brought totally up to date after the
     conference . You can see the level I was approaching from my comments
      TUE.MAY,010522  and  mon.May.20010528  above .
     I was looking forward to editing and uploading material piled up over
     months dealing with other responsibilities and grokking K deeply
     enough to abandon old CoSy`s last use : preprocessing my web pages .
     I had just changed the center banner at the top of  CoSy/Home 
     from the "CoSy/NoteComputing" referencing the old CoSy tech path to
     "CoSy/Current" referencing these events and commentary , as you can
     see I have done once again . 
    /20010716.0825 continuing /  Under CoSy/Views I was replacing
     the Travelgate example of the worst of Statist Force & Fraud , with the
     an uplifting image by my friend and partner Raj , of Free Market  actually HongKong Indian 
     money building  300K$  2 family  homes  in East New York .  That image is gone . 
    I had put off tackling the editing of the images of Bernd Naber before and
     during our Mid Winter Party , and setting up a proper gallery in
      CoSy/Art  for him - until I had the total control over my web
     interface that embedding  K  in my HTML now again provides .
     I will remember in particular , images of Bernd at the audio controls in
     the entrance to his cubby hole , and laying back in his aerie cantilevered
     on 2 angle brackets out in audio space .  These images are gone .   Videos of the party mainly by Mark D`Silva , do survive !!  /  Also lost : Rich Cooper holding up Kramer by English T shirt @ NY LP convention 
    I had notes on a number of meetings and comentary covering things from the
     impossibility of Global Warming to meeting Bill Gates Sr. at a panel of
     self labeled " Responsible Wealth " arguing for the continuation of the
     Estate tax . It`s not uncorrelated that big Bill Sr. is a lawyer like so
     many of those of us righteous enough to have gotten there . Tax lawyers
     stand to lose perhaps more dollars than the government itself .
     When I explained to big Bill that I was a "bleeding heart" ala Michael Tanner @ Cato  Libertarian
     and asked why he felt that others were so much less charitable than he
     himself and the Political Class that they must take , by threat of force ,
     half of a family's assets when the parents pass away , for the State's
     charities , no matter how destructive liquidation of those assets may be .
     Big Bill , in a practiced lawyerly EoC End of Conversation  said that if I were Libertarian ,
     we had nothing to discuss . He would not even try to morally defend
     his position .
     I felt so secure in my rapidly increasing productivity , my finally
     approaching having some product to offer the thousands of eyballs which
     touch some part of CoSy each week , that I decided to head to Chinatown
     to lay in some supplies  particularly frozen dumplings , my favorite quick meal  .
     When I got back , I went straight to the kitchen to steam some dumplings
     on greens . With spasm of clumsiness I dropped a Corning Corelle plate
     on the tile floor . If Corelle breaks , it explodes . So I spent a quarter
     hour cleaning up the glass slivers . Finally tonged myself a bowl of
     now well steamed dumplings  adding black vinegar , seasame oil , soy sauce & Jayanthi's hot sauce  and returning to my
     computer heard it making strange sounds like the disk arm was bashing
     against its stops .  It was down hill from there . 
      #This Week 
     I always imagined disks failing when either their spindle motor ( or bearing )
     fails or its actuator arm sticks or fails . A mode where both motors stay
     alive , but the arm just starts sweeping back and forth scratching the
     disk , I never contemplated . Here is the  report  .  
     Dispite it all , Subscriptions to the evolving  K.CoSy  open programming
     environment will be available by the end of the month .  BobA /1454/
    Rapid Quantitive Modeling
    & a whole lot more
    CoSy Homes
    Constructing affordable homes
    in the Boroughs of New York City
    Contact : Bob Armstrong ; About this page : ; 212.285.1864
    Coherent Systems / 42 Peck Slip 4b/ New York NY 10038.1725
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .
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