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MaxineWaters :  Someone needs to take you out . Get Real . Now
 bitching that she had to miss AIDS day back home in LA-CA . 
 Reagan lying when 3 yrs after he gave testimony that he did ship arms to
 Iran , he couldn`t remember having said it . 
 Lie ?! He was heading into Alzheimers !  
EdBryant(rR-TN) : 4318 prosecutions for perjury in CA last yr .
 Start the Proscecution of Clinton now . Squash the idiocy that he could
 remain in office to complete his term . 
RobertWexler(rD-FL) : This has become a theatre of the absurd .  Sure Has ! 
TomBarrett(rD-WI) :  Wrestling with Removal . 
SheilaJacksonLee : Pres did ' Absolutely wrong ' .  GO with that !  
JamesRogan(rR-)  Great .
 Note that here , we have two citizens selected simply because of the
 correlation of their felonies , though much less egregious , and Clinton`s .
 Watergate had no such implications for every individual citizen . 
|12:48| Freeh & Labella memoes :  Its becoming more and more
 clear that the justice department recognizes more and more that this is a
 War between the Clintons and Justice ( see FRI.NOV,981120,22:0 ) .
 Extension approved  20 vs 15  
|13:8| BarneyFrank  The Dems are painting themselves as the party of
 Dishonest Idiots .
|13:42| MaxineWaters(rD-CA) is a disgrace to her district . There must be
 some honest person there to declare their intention to take her out in
 2000 . 
|14:8| Judge LeonHigginbothamJr . 
 This is a millennium version of the trial of Galileo . Truth on trial .
|15:8| Knew I was going to be something to see O.J.Simpson defender
 AlanDurshowitz do his business for BillClinton .
 He using hypocritic corruption caused by Drug Criminalization , Police
 Perjury , selective morality and prosecution . His answer : so Let Off .
                       SO LETS CLEAN UP BOTH PROBLEMS
                      END THE WAR AGAINST (SOME) DRUGS .
 It is no coincidence that we have the most corrupt adminstration since
 WarrenGamalielHarding (21-23) if not ever , at a time when the country has
 made criminals of large segments of the population for doing nothing
 dishonest .
|15:14| Lawyer really squirmy worms . JerryRosen .
                       My God , this Country is Sick !
|16:15| Hyde : excellent statement . |
 Dershowitz : moving impassioned speech : selective proscution .
 Excuse the President because Cops Lie all the time in drug cases .
 Alan , If you Excuse Him , then how do you possibly go after a bad Cop ?
TomBarrett (rD-WI) pre-judging that by the end of the process , 2%3 of
 the senate ( and people ) will still fail to see need to convict .
BobInglis(rR-SC) Moral Dangerously effected .
 Imagine BC Handcuffed as hands over Office in 2001 .
 Indict him now . 
SJL : nonsense .  |
BobGoodlatte(rR-VA) : Demolishing Dershowitz .
AD : Partisan votes upsetting  Sure is . Some Dems Must come out
 for the Rule of Law Sometime soon . 
SteveBuyer(rR-IN) : great colloquey w Adm & Gen .
SteveRothman(rD-NJ) being Dishonest Idiot Parrot .
Dershowitz insisting : BC has NEVER admited he lied .
|18:3| BobBarr : Real Americans understand ( crap heard here ) . 
 AlanDershowitz : Real American : Racist Code word . 
 Bull Twattle , Alan . He means people who believe in Honor & Integrety .
21-2| 773 St Nicholas 148<149 .  Live Jazz recording . Juni Les Denton & Taru
 A,D,C to 145 .  & Jeanne .  out too late . 
  ============================: WED.DEC,981202 :============================
8|  InfoTekDist Seminar  : NYS & Fed Tax Law re NewMedia .
|16:31| MikeEspy exhonerated .  $33000 total value of 'gifts'
 always sounded like small potatoes , all things considered . It seems orders
 of magnitude less than the chronic mendacity of the Clintons . 
  ============================: THU.DEC,981203 :============================
|13:30| CSPAN WashingtonJournal :  NYTimes column on disparing
 Conservitives fighting on  on principal although expecting defeat . 
 !! DAMN IT , Pull out a Copy of  PATTON  and watch it Again !!
          NO ONE Wins a War by Assuming Defeat 
 Get on the Phone or whatever and start teaching who ever you know who
 doesn`t yet understand their personal stake in convicting criminals for
 their crimes .
 The previous caller had been from Montana & loves the Clintons & thinks they
 are brilliant  They are . and will eat up all of his naysayers . Boy I would have loved
 to ask him a few questions . This is why I want to  beat up Jerrold Nadler 
 and join the verbal fray . 
|14:14| CATO MichaelTanner :  Sen Dorgan once invited him to drive out to WVA
 to see bomb proof vault holding Social Security Trust Bonds . It is pleasant
 to get a belly laugh out of the TV on occasion rather than being driven to
 rant at it . 
|15:42| 3rd  e-mail to Commissioner HowardSafir  about Motoboard .
18-21| 365 Canal . MorrieCramer .
19:30| NY Acad Sci . 2 E 63 . Niederhoffer  LibertarianJunto 
  James DeLong,  author of PROPERTY MATTERS.
  ============================: FRI.DEC,981204 :============================
|12:9|  The Dishonest Idiot Mendacious ( DIM ) Dems are getting so ridiculous
18-20| 529 W 20 . KimFoster Gal | Skoto .
  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++: SUN.DEC,981206 :++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
|0:36| Monstervision : JoeBobBriggs :  abt AdrianneBarbeau having twins @ 51 w
 a known man vs eg JodieFoster . Great soliloquy on need for fathers handling
 teen age boys : Sometimes gets down to who weighs more .  
  ============================: MON.DEC,981207 :============================
|12:15| FOX : ScottStein , Young Dems of Amer : DIM Dishonest Idiot Mendacious Dem in training . 
|12:51| Clinton speaking on abuse & fraud .  Like AlanSimpson says : He`s doomed 
From   home of my brain damaged brother JackArmstrong  Newsletter : Goethe :  What we do not understand
 we do not possess .  This is a fundamental notion behind the linguistic
 structure of CoSy .  
|15:51| Jerrold worried abt no lunch break or din break tmro . A real DIMDishonest Idiot Mendacious Dem 
First sections of International Space Station connected . 
  ============================: TUE.DEC,981208 :============================
|8:0|  Financial Engineering using K  MngDir Lehman Bro .
DIM Dishonest Idiot Mendacious Dems defending Right to Lie again .
JamesRogan(rR-CA) Excellent at going directly to whether believe Sexual
 Harrasment laws should enforced . 
  ============================: WED.DEC,981209 :============================
|9:41| WlmWeld : Clouds of corruption surrounding Judge Nixon case
                        Smog surrounds the Clintons .
Bizarre to discuss whether repeated arrogant - in your face - deception and
 subornation of deception by the Chief Magistrate of the US is convictable
 and therefore indictable .
 BobInglis (rR-SC) 0 % 4 | RelevantFacts % Panels 
 With  UnTruth  we take from each other  rather than  deal with reality .
 GoodLatte (rR-VA) ( Great as usual ) : Clinton can pardon himself .
SHL (rD-TX18) : Behavior Unacceptable .  Then why accept it .
 Show Personal Greatness : Vote To Impeach . 
             My God this has become  inconceivably  High Crime  . 
 The republicans showing why Honesty Must be in Charge .
 This must go to the Senate so the Supreme Court will be Represented .
MaxineWaters(rD-CA) : Aren`t you Sickened ? DO YOU Believe in Sexual
 Harassment Laws or not ? I`m sure you were (are?) for O.J.Simson too . Why
 are not women like you scared to death by these men ?
|11:42| BobBarr(rR-GA)  DrugEnforcementAgency : evasive or crafty
 language will not be tolerated .   This is
 the nexis   
Super DIMs Dishonest Idiot Mendacious : Waters Wexler Nadler Meehan Delahunt Rothman
  [15:4| Schumer just made it for ' Sky is not Blue ' argument ]
 Defense  Attornies : ThomasSullivan ,
                TRUTH xor CHAOS  that is the Choice
ChrisCannon(UT) quoting JohnJay
Rogan(rR-CA) Grotesqe Double Standard
LindseyGraham(rR-SC) Impeachment without outrage should be difficult . His
 district outraged .   
|12:50| Caller : Like prosceution of AlCapone on TaxEvasion
 O+ caller : go door to door to recall Repub Rep if impeach for Sex 
 Give me 2 mins w her to explain  IT`s HIS LAW !
 What are the Poll #s on Clinton Resigning ?   
|13:33| Ruff : Dismisses JohnJay trivially .  Clinton IS subverting NOW .
 This is the Republicans ( and some of the finest of Dept of Justice )
 representing Honesty and Logic versus the Criminal Trial Lawyer
 establishment . 
 Now making distinction between Employee vs Intern !  
 This is a defense ? |13:58| Is Ruff defending or Indicting ? 
 Ruff :  Clinton`s definition : Very narrow strange boundrys .
 Interesting to hear the number of references to  Disordered Thought Processes  
Nadler Questioning :  I hoped announcing that I would  take him out in 2000 
 would calm my urge to yell at the TV . Not sucessfully . 
  ============================: THU.DEC,981210 :============================
|10:56| AbbeLowell : ~!@#%^&* SKUM  Final Nails in ANY sense of Morality or Logic or
 Concern for the country and its Children .
 Jones lawyers used Clinton signed '413' wording into law .
|11:52| Is more effectively making Clinton case than anyone previously .
|12:46| Excellent presentation of weaknesses in Jones Lawyers using Clinton
 signed legal definition of sex . He created the obfuscating language he now
 uses to excuse his failure to ' tell the WHOLE truth . '
|12:56| Bob Barr being asked abt WDC Vote . Wonder if someone noticed my  email 
|15:11| Schippers : The essence of lying is in the deception not in the words 
|15:23| Quite an (a)moral tale  |15:28| tape | 
 The Clintons` place in history is to test the limits of Dishonesty 
|15:38| Heading to 19 Rector for Motorboard hearing . Think I`ll stop by FOX
 @ WTC to see if they are there .  |16:37| 
16:30|  CoSy/MotorBoard  Court hearing
|17:52|  Home from ^ . ( Tube : Conyers sounding soulful , DIM Dishonest Idiot Mendacious hypocrite . )
 At Motorboard hearing in front of Robert V Re , Admin Law Judge :
 Officer Gargilio  still don`t have any
  document with his badge #  Purjured himself about his stopping me .
  Now in illogical state that original ticket dismissed , failure to comply
  sustained . I , of course , appealed . I will upload the transcript of the
  hearing as soon as I can get it .
 Incidentally , the first case heard at 4:30 was a young woman riding bicycle
  on sidwalk near 394 6th av ' thru crowd ' | just unlocked , etc , getting
  to corner , scared to get into traffic at that point . cost more than
  driving a car w expired license . $40 .
DIMs  Dishonest Illogical Miscreants : Conyers Franks Schumer , Nadler of course , BobbyScott real
 disappointment to his district ( see  THU.OCT,981001  ) ,
 MaxineWaters &  blind deaf  LIER LIER  Maxine , WHO made the laws allowing the invasion of
 his sexual life ?  , Meehan Delahunt Rothman Wexler
Dem Chicken but not dishonorable : Boucher  Berman  Barrett
Dem just plain wrong , strange logic , Excessive felicitation to the
 individual rather than office : MelWatt , ZoeLofgren , S.J.Lee
Buyer : Pledge Lives Fortune &  Sacred Honor 
Sad to see not a single Dem with honor and courage to vote to send Prez to
 trial in Senate under Chief Justice .|21:38| Only alternative : 
Time to RESIGN
18:30| SigAPL : GaryBergquist . Zark |22:6| Looks like APL character giberish on laptop screen in SciFi Channel Scottish production ' Invasion Earth ' . |23:54| I believe it was ZoeLofgren who had some Founder`s quote abt impeachment being appropriate only when the crimes were such that the only alterative would be assasination . It is certain that there are some out there who are thinking of exactly that as the only back up remedy . BC reminds my of my Brother in Law who spent months under anklet arrest for Sales Tax evasion and now is a car salesman . ============================: FRI.DEC,981211 :============================ |9:48| It is truly terrible and frightening to see the Democrats become the Party of Criminal Defense . Watergate was bipartisan because when Nixon`s criminality became as evident as Clinton`s has , Republicans abandoned him . Where are the Dems with the same integrity . Barrett : most jr member : heartfelt argument for allowing vote of conscience on censure . Argument that there is a difference between crimes against the State and crimes against a Citizen are different denys that ' Governments are instituted among Men ' to secure the unalienable Rights of all . Cannon : Excellent use of Kennedy Video . MaryBono : If you real want to save the country : resign . GREAT GREAT GREAT ( made me cry ) Lindsey : Clinton must square himself with the Law , ie : plead guilty and accept the legal consequences . This implies Resignation . c< : as Commander in Chief , start CourtMartial . S.J.Lee : Accepts Clinton`s right to subjective definition of Truth . Constitution which makes her a whole person rather than 2&3 . DIMs  Dishonest Illogical Miscreants Nadler : being ass Criminal Defense Lawyers , My running against him is keeping me calm . Schumer joining in . Hyde : drafted same as Nixon . Now Franks . These people are digging a deeper & deeper hole . More and more Citizens must see this , Now Conyers These people will do anything to deny personal responsiblity by anyone . All this can be argued in the Senate before the Chief Justice . Goodlatte : Reading Nixon impeachment article . Parallel |13:26| Nadler : Farce . DIMs | 10 REP 'Blah ' |>| Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah | Schumer : Disgusting . That it is not bipartisan is totally to the everlasting embarrasment of the Democrats . |20:18| Maxine making her best case against conspiracy ( count 3 ) & bad proscecutors . The thing is , Starr et all are the cream of the DoJ , and are clearly NOT the liars here . |21:23| O'Rielly : it`s the Jones not Lewinsky case . I dispute your assertion that Nadler is not in any jeopardy in our district We`re after the Clinton because they are chronic criminal hypocrites . |23:59| Never seen Nightline be so insanely liberal : Democrat rhetoric no match for Republican numbers Democrat rhetoric ( and logic ) no match for Republican . Koppel keeps announcing impossiblity of conviction in Senate . Glad Churchill never bought that sort of thought . I think it will be very interesting to see what happens when the Supreme Court is represented. ============================: SAT.DEC,981212 :============================ 10-12| QueensLibertarians BohemianHall 29-19 24av Astoria ( near N @ Astoria Blvd ) . Fun place for %2 liters Czech Beer . SieglindKress : Report on International Society Individual Liberty , Berlin . 14-17| 70 W 95 . MrBabbington`s . Success Strategies for AfroAmerican Women . 16-19| 40 Wooster . Atlantic Gal . Small works 18-20| 529 W 20 , 4E . Gang Gal . ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++: SUN.DEC,981213 :++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Grocery shopping |15:55| @ Chattham Sq which I think of as Confucius Sq because of the statue of him which has always been there , he has been replaced by a statue to someone labeled the Father of the War on Drugs for his leadership Just saying No to the English in the Opium Wars . ` Didn`t read the whole English inscription , but caught the phrase ' Law Enforcement Agencies ' ============================: MON.DEC,981214 :============================ Let`s get back to KungFutse .  Actually
 there`s another triangle up a block @ Division & Bowery . Maybe Confucius is
 there The Chinese ( also Indians ), with their shops full of a plethora of herbs and substances , potential further fodder for criminalization , ought to be particularly concerned about the Globalization of the State`s War on (Some) Drugs . To see the UN gave the criminal Clinton hypocrite a standing ovation a few weeks after watching  on UN TV T.W Ch78 ,
   poor reception each country come to the podium and declare their allegiance to the Wo(S)D is particularly disturbing . Now that the Nations are coalescing into Global Government , they need new enemys , and their own populations are the remaining target . How come the White House , the day after Perot wondered about Clinton`s medical records , didn`t hand them to the press and squash any question about Cocaine use . Monica , who I bet would know , told Linda his behavior at times seemed High . His psychopathic dishonesty and hypocrisy fits with behavior I`ve seen in coke-heads . This is what people need to realize . These people are perfectly capable of supporting and signing laws to criminalize more and more of us for behaviors and diets which have been with us for recorded history , directly harming no-one else , while using their High Office to shield themselves from the laws they create . Incidentally : Adultery is not sexual behavior between 2 consenting adults ; if accepted , it is between 3 , including Hillary , would-be Mommy to the World . But the case is Jones v Clinton . It is Her rights  or anyone equivalent at stake . Yesterday I heard our Mayor Giuliani is in that lowest few percentile  Why I am dedicating the next 2 years to taking out Nadler (NY-8) of Republicans who condon Perjury by the Head of State . This causes a visceral reaction in me after having been Perjured against Thursday while DavidSchippers was presenting the awesome case against Clinton , by the patrolman who seized my property on the basis of a non-existant law . As I say my my note to BobBarr , cc: Nadler : in condoning Clinton`s Perjury the State shows Itself to be Criminal CSPAN : Tonight NY Writers for Impeachment ( wish I knew where ) DIM  Dishonest Illogical Miscreants : JeffreyRosen ============================: TUE.DEC,981215 :============================ CSPAN : CyberTerrorism : Arnaud de Borchgrave : Weapons of Mass Disruption . TomCampbell(rR-CA) SilVal Stanford Law : great explanation of Why Convict . GaryBauer , AmericanRenewal : Cultural Oil Spill . ============================: WED.DEC,981216 :============================ |14:8| This is a battle against the mentality which lets O.J. Simpson walk free . The SuperFemiNazis , like Freidan(sp) and Steinam are frightning in their Hypocrisy . Perhaps when I take over Nadler`s seat , they will join me in sponsoring a repeal of Sexual Harrasment Laws . Shays(rR-CT) should be taken out in Primary . Anyone with Honor should have explained to his constituents why the Laws which apply to Them , Must apply to Those Who Make the Laws . I would hope that some Democrat will come forward and express their shame at the defense of Criminal Corruption by their party . |21:6| Two Criminals with different styles ; one with upgraded weapons to try out , one essentially helpless . All presidents are surounded by security , police , and military bias to use the weapons - to do the part of their job that enticed them as a kid . I think a reason an Eisenhower was great , was in his ability to say no to a room of advisors . Clinton`s attacks are terribly blunt . Cf : THU.AUG,980820 . |0:3| Albright : Bring Saddam under the Rule of Law . Let`s get the US Presidency under the Rule of Law too . ============================: THU.DEC,981217 :============================ |12:4| CityHall ch74 : Giuliani Press Conf , 1216 : Against Impeachment : lowers ' very very high standard ' Founders intended . What is Higher than the Rights of a Citizen in Court ? For DNA samples from everyone : Trial supposed to be search for truth . Help find truth against endless misuse of process . Which is it ? What is Clinton v Jones if not the quintisential example of Criminal Defense Lawyers run amok . For you to condone Perjury , when as I have reported to both you and Commissioner Safir`s office , on THU.DEC,981210 , while David Schippers was presenting the awesome case against Bill Clinton , a NYPD patrolman was perjuring himself in a case against me , sends a message with which I do not think the Republican Party should want to align itself . ============================: FRI.DEC,981218 :============================ Branson taking off w Fossett from Morocco for Round the World Balloon attempt Christmas Impeachment Songs : |10:4| Hyde Opening Speech Historic . By the end of this process , Dems will be forced to vote for the rule of law . No opening rebuttal by Conyers . Gebhardt : wrong time . need . Respect , trust , fairness , forgiveness . Go with that need for Trust & Fairness . Quoting Lincoln : Go with that ' For the People ' Hey Bonior , there are a LOT of us who are just plain Rightious , not particularly Self Rightious . Hey Frost : We are sending Pure message to Saddam & all Criminals . '$40M cost ' . How `bout the $.5M reparations to BillyDale for his legal costs keeping himself out of prison against criminal libel thru the FBI orchastrated by Hillary to clean out the Travel office for Bill`s 25 yr old incompetent cousin . |10:53| massive power glitch - reset everything . Why I love battery machines DIM  Dishonest Illogical Miscreants Nadler(rD-NY8) Hoyer(rD-MD) Meehan(x3) S.H.Lee Wexler Rothman Waters McGovern(rD-MA) EdwardMarkey(rD-MA) RonKlink(rD-PA) AlceeHastings(rD-FL) HenryWaxman(rD-CA) DennisKucinich(rD-OH) |11:31| Power dead again |11:32| back on . Great : TomCampbell(rR-CA) SteveHorn (rR-CA) ScottMcInnis(rR-CO) EdWhitefield(rR-KY) HeatherWilson(rR-NM) why Justice blind . Great . McHale(rD-PA) : tremble before the law . w vote y on 1 2 & 3 . It`s not about whether Clinton is Skum . Everyone agrees he is . It`s about whether he`s Lying Skum . Which he is also . |14:14| Power out again |14:15| CarrieMeeks(rD-CA) sadly conflicted SueMyrick (rR-NC) : Duty to Teach JesseJacksonJr(rD-IL) well schooled . Historic relativism - classism . Future SenByrd . Anything to justify government monopoly . Juries & Grand Juries have to make binary choices . So Must the Congress . Don`t we elect youall to make decisions . WlmGoodling(rR-PA) Two NYCops just indicted for lying to Fed Grand Jury . ============================: SAT.DEC,981219 :============================ |10:11| Great : J.C.Watts(rR-OK) DIM  Dishonest Illogical Miscreants Conyers Nadler Bonier . Disgusting display @ White House : Dark Day for Dems . I predict they will rue that only 6 showed honor . Branson Fosset Per passed iran . ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++: SUN.DEC,981220 :++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SamDonaldson quoting PrimaryColors quoting GreatGatsby : Clinton leaves wake of shattered lives of both foes and friends . ============================: MON.DEC,981221 :============================ |17:9| TNT : Lois & Clark : Time villan Tempus has brainwashed country that ' John Doe is a Darn Nice Guy ' and been elected President . ' Even Reagan in his hay day couldn`t have gotten away with this ' he says as he murders someone in the way of his plans . 19:30| 24th WinterSolstice~ 20:56 DonnaHenes;718-857-2247 , $28 $35 on Bus . ============================: TUE.DEC,981222 :============================ |12:48| JoeLockhart : I confirm whatever it is the President said . ============================: WED.DEC,981223 :============================ |11:9| NY1 :  It`s clear our Moral Civil War
 takes no Vacation GeorgePataki(R-Gov-NY) as craven a defender of the right of the Head of State to Perjure - to Factually Lie , as any DIM  Dishonest Illogical Miscreants . The People Must wake up and Fight this Openly Criminal Establishment . |13:1| Where is Reagan when we need him ? ============================: FRI.DEC,981225 :============================
* M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S *
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++: SUN.DEC,981227 :++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ |11:3| NBC : TimRussart : Even PatMoynahan becoming illogical over Clinton . Agees you cannot know what Clinton means in foreign policy . It all gets down to whether Clinton`s self definition of a Lie , is the legal standard . That is an invitation to physical redress over Rule of Law . |11:15| Meet the Press : Moynahan Praising JohnWestergaard : We caught Y2K in time because of John bringing it down to WDC 3 yr ago . Since the `50s , these programs have tended from a panel of Journalists grilling a politician for a half hour to multiple panels of politicians facing a single ( or couple ) moderator . |14:42| FOX Movie : 29th St . Italian WiseGuy Logic rejected by Army as risk : WG : ' I Don`t have Highschool Diploma . ' ; Army : WRONG ; WG : ' on me . ' ; Army : ILLOGIC | |16:30| Dump of Week`s worth of TXTSTK : Gulf War missile costs : ship , air | 715 270 % 325 90 |>| 2.2 3 | M$ each . CSPAN c< : GOP concerned with People in this country rather than Using them like Clinton does . I`ve stopped listening to the Side of the Evil Empire to use Reagan`s words . They can babble among themselves . I matters not . They are Doomed . Where is voice of International Banking and Business Leaders ? I learned long ago never to deal with such deeply corrupt individuals , but were I faced by such in your face perjury by a counterparty I would expect appropriate damages in International Court . Illogic of not removing president from office immediately if judge legally convictable : Fellon , can`t run , can`t even vote . Inconsistant state . Global wireless co , , had bigger Logo than Virgin on RichardBranson , PerLinstrand & SteveFossett Balloon flight which made it more than half way around before hitting Pacific Doldrums . Language Freaks : See Impeachment Vote Analysis using K Language . Extracting 6 Honorable House Democrats from CSPAN Vote records :
/ The Democrat Honor Roll for Article 1 Grand Jury Perjury : ,/' QW[ & r ] / Select items of QW where r = 1 . ("Goode, Virgil H., Jr. | D-VA | AYE " "Hall, Ralph M. | D-TX | AYE " "John, Christopher | D-LA | AYE " "McHale, Paul | D-PA | AYE " "Stenholm, Charles W. | D-TX | AYE " "Taylor, Gene | D-MS | AYE ") ============================: MON.DEC,981228 :============================ CSPAN c< : Juror : Yes Mike Espy did wrong , but he shouldn`t go to Federal Prison for it . Think of all the people in Federal prison for Victimless crimes . Clarence & Page ChicTrib : Illogic . Mis-analysis of election of Carole Mosley Braun over incombent Dixon . I was in IL a lot at the time . She won because Dixon and other male candidate mud-slung each other to death . Does not see that Clarance Thomas is the truth teller , NOT Anita Hill . |22:14| As O`Reilly has said , this period of our history will be known as the Moral Civil War . If the State fails to convict a InYourFace Criminal Pair , it proves itself DIM 
 Dishonest Illogical Miscreant . Somehow too many still don`t integrate the totality of what is known about Them and connect it to their own lives in a world with more and more State rules and laws and taxes by people who judge themselves immune from even Loss of Job for Criminal Perjury and Libel against ordinary Citizens and Employees . Damn , why doesn`t anyone review what they did when they first gained power . Imagine the world if they had suceeded in Nationalizing all Health Care with the Management style they displayed inheriting the Travel Office . ============================: TUE.DEC,981229 :============================ |0:34| IL FarmWeek 1214 : Members settled on being allowed ( without a government permit ) to maintain and restore ditches and streambanks to their "optimal" conditions . In other words , you only need a Government Permit to do something stupid . |10:12| CSPAN c : lots about Moynahan ending career himself 'defining deviancy down ' by his acquiescence to Censure versus Removal . ============================: WED.DEC,981230 :============================ |11:52| SciFi Ch : Kolcek NightStalker : Devil worshiper werewolf incarnation of evil Conning or Killing his way toward winning Presidency . The Clintons ( and their DIM 
 Dishonest Illogical Miscreant apologists ) are a World Wide Nightmare . |14:14| The Criminal Saddam is testing the Criminal Clinton revealing the weakness of the lack of trustworthyness he infects the entire US Defense Department with . Are you as certain DoD honest about about no planes down ? |15:31| I really have stopped listening to the news talk show ' legal ramifications ' yadda yadda . This is Truth v Falsehood , Honor v Dishonor , Criminal v Citizen . ============================: THU.DEC,981231 :============================
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