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US Pop : 271645000 . 3:0| Limelight Afterhours . 6th @ 20th . 212-807-7780 $40 Full Moon . When people lie to you They are taking from you ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++: SUN.JAN,990103 :++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ |10:26| Peck Slip Flood to between 1st & second stair out front , Already going down . Peck Slip is an answer to the trivia question : ' What street in Manhattan floods a few times per decade ? ' . Since these are tidal floods , they never last longer than a few hours . There have been two bad floods - about a meter higher - in the 15 years I`ve been here , which killed electricity , heat , and phone for up to a week . Seem to have gotten a pass this time . |12:55| I am no longer wasting time listen to any Tube Apolgists , Everything now must be directed to educate individuals and at least 12 Democrat Senators as to necessity to Fire the President to save their own claim to some moral authority . At parties Thursday and Friday there was no one , even demographically core liberals , whose defense of the Clintons I could not penetrate with facts . In particular , many are unaware of the documented details of their gross treatment of staff and abuse of power for the sake of nepotism in the Travel Office . DavidMaraniss : Biographer - The Clinton Enigma . also Gingrich . Most invasive - anti 1st ammendment - but self-protective . Mano a mano , Gingrich withered in front of him . Internal war between good and evil . You reward the good and punish Evil . |13:45| Hillary : DollyMadison save portrait of Washington rather than Accounts . Washington wasn`t taking .40 of US money back then . And He was personally known as an Icon of Honor . The Govenment is too much with US . Late or Soon , Getting and Spending It lays waste Our Power . ( w appol to W.Blake ) Inspired by Chris Garvey`s Halloween Haiku he presented at the party Friday . Halloween Haiku ( Copr.. 1998 CBG ) Time of Halloween; Scary creatures abound. Some Will be elected. ============================: MON.JAN,990104 :============================ Will Clinton be remembered for anything other than being the most Corrupt President US have ever had ? Not really . Everything will be interpreted in terms of that Fact . The entire period and its people ( US ) will be . This is a battle of Honest Free Market versus Amoral Coercive State . Would you chose a Bank run with such In Your Face Corruption ? NEW : CampaignNY8-2K e-mail Transparency . ChicTrib Review of my brain damaged Brother Jack`s Artwork ============================: TUE.JAN,990105 :============================ JuddGregg(sR-NH) : Excellent defense of necessity of Binary choice on Right of a President to commit perjury in personal case . |18:37| NBC : Great : RobertByrd(sD-WV) bluntly condems arrogant DIM  Dishonest Illogical Miscreant display at White House SAT.DEC,981219 after Impeachment . Auto Show : DaimlerChrysler `30s style Wagon+SUV varient reifies correlation I noticed some time ago . The SportUtility formfactor is a reversion to the pre- mid`50s more upright , boxier passenger compartment . ============================: THU.JAN,990107 :============================ A thrust of CoSy  The NoteComputing Environment is that I only have time to learn Exact Generalities . |13:32| Each Senator gets to keep "gift" pen with which they log in to Clinton Trial  Turns out the pens are
 inscribed ' Untied States Senate ' (sic) |0112 DIMs  Dishonest Illogical
 Miscreant do anything to avoid Reality . -10| ConsumerElectronics LasVagas 18:30| Niederhoffer LibertarianJunto NY Acad Sci . 2 E 63 . Thomas DiLorenzo : THE FOOD AND DRINK POLICE . ============================: FRI.JAN,990108 :============================ |13:49| Li Zhaoxing Chinese Ambassador : See in US no-one , not even top leader , not subject to law . Let US Prove it so | W respect to Taiwan and free speach , Li shows self to be Statist tyrant . CSPAN : MichaelGenovese : George Washington set precedent of honor . Byrd : great motion to have initial agreement to schedule read in its entirety . Vote on schedule : 100 0 . 19| WFC WinterGarden . Bang a Can : BrianEno : Music for Airports . ~ hapn . ============================: SAT.JAN,990109 :============================ 15-18| Skylight Gal @ RestorationPlz 1368 Fulton BedStuy 718-636-6948 fotos 18-20| Feldman 31 Mercer 18-20| KimFoster . 529 W 20 . JohnKerchner : 6,000,000,000 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++: SUN.JAN,990110 :++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DIMs   Dishonest Illogical Miscreant : BarbaraBoxer : pervasive illogic and misstatement . Right about putting off State of Union would show interferring w normal business . If what Rep Cannon said thu(?) : that Schumer was running around pushing Dem Sens to be sure to make the first vote partisan , he lost big . As did the Clintons ( distinct from the instituion of the White House . ) Feinsti en : Mentioned TravelGate passing it off as if w/o content . |12:31| LikeItIs : MolefiKeteAsante 'Slave
 name' : ArthurL.SmithJr ( Temple U Prof )  Great Threads : Has only book of AfroAmer History written by AA for Highschool . Not even listed in NYC Schools . Makes excellent argument for Vouchers or some other way to Free the Market in K-12 education . GilNobel : Educational anemia . | Thank you for this very nutritious time . |16:34| Capra`s Mr Smith Goes to WDC : JimmySteward`s Boy`s camp plan presented as loan to be paid back by the boys . ============================: TUE.JAN,990112 :============================ |11:24| PhilGramm : Banking cmtte w do lots of oversite . Great description of centrality of Impeachment and Removal in Constitution . Statement of how each participant is embodying the essence of their office . Does Clinton think about this ? Has he 0 shame ? |11:49| DanQuayle sounding very knowlegable about ABMs , China . Attacks now on Renquist : ============================: WED.JAN,990113 :============================ |14:21| TedKoppel comes off Middle & gives great detailed history of Paula Jones v Clinton . Then fails to affirm that the rights of an individual in court is of the highest value of the State . -14| Westergaard/Strain99 Small Cap Oil conf . WaldorfAstoria . recp 17:30 . 18:30| Roger Black . "Web Sites that Work" Great Hall, Cooper Union, 7 E 7 St , Tickets 212-255-4004 ============================: THU.JAN,990114 :============================ Westergaard/Strain99 Small Cap Oil conf . 18-21| LennyRosenfeld @ LeonoraVega Gal 143 E 27 18-20| 470 Broome Lombard|Freid . ============================: FRI.JAN,990115 :============================ |12:26| NatHentoff : JohnGhotti approach to obstruction of justice intimidating cast off objects of his lust . Giulliani : State of City : 132000 arrested as drug dealers in `98 . 271 gun homicides down form 1400 in `91 . Cops fired guns less than ever , 8x less than WDC . |13:22| The true heads of the senate should work for a Unanimous conviction . That is the only cover for the Democrats . It is the symetrical reaction to their almost totally Partisan vote in the House . Promulgating CoSyGathering990204 ============================: SAT.JAN,990116 :============================ |11:12| Perhaps Byrd & some other Sr Senators could introduce a motion for Unanimous Summary Conviction after Clinton`s 24 hours . 18-20| 529 W 20 . Cristinerose . | SAI Gal 4E | ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++: SUN.JAN,990117 :++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Promulgating CoSyGathering990204 |10:28| the Clintons ARE great ' CONfidence ARTIST 's . McLaughlin painted a beautiful State of the Union speach for Tuesday . Look at the glorious CORNYucopia BC promised last year . Then They spent the year trying to tax Cigarette Smokers %2.B$ for their own good . DIM  Dishonest Illogical Miscreant GeorgeMichael ; Harken ; Wellstone ( but - for openness ) ; Schumer ; BarbaraBoxer ! & Bennet(sR-UT) . (?) : CrisDodd(sD-CT) ; JohnKerry(sD-MA) - Proper Request to also have : Tripp , Starr , etc . testify ; GoodHeads : PatrickLeahy(sD-VT) : Legacy of Senate is his Stake . See surprizes . ; KayBailyHutchinson - openness . Renquist`s first ruling shows the depth of his study . the Senate is not a Jury , it is the whole Court . An elemental wisdom of the voting population is keeping the majority in Congress the opposite party than the Prez . This may be an advantage over parlementary systems . `94 showed the quick reaction to what the Clintons` were doing to nationalize healthcare under their administration . This also is the real trial for the entire class represented by PaulaJones . Stephanopolis : ! MichaelJordan : Guilty ! got $20M for endorsing Nike ! ! SteveForbes : No Taxation w/o Resparation . ============================: MON.JAN,990118 :============================ MLKBD | Constructing Mailing List fns in K to do mailing labels for Invites Missed Thursday : Rogan : Clinton prepared stmnt ends w mention of ' intimidation of witnesses ' . Had any such thing been alleged within the court proceedings ? ============================: TUE.JAN,990119 :============================ |13:12| CharlesRuff first misstatement : Motivation to embarrass Prez . Already lost it . |13:25| used ' Rush to Judgement ' OJ phrase . |13:37| Tho it would moot my MidWinter Invite , If he as any sense of Honor , He should use his SoU Address tonite to Resign . |15:29| Ruff wrap : Not judge Man here , but Office . Exactly Backward . 18| 1345 6th Av . Year 2000 Compliance Constantine Kaniklidis . ============================: WED.JAN,990120 :============================ |12:21| Greenspan strong words about the damage caused by the Minimum Wage , which , of course , Clinton wants to raise to | 1 + 5.15 |>| 6.15 | $ As yadda , Clinton`s message was ALL POWER TO THE BUREAUCRACY . |13:31| GregCraig`s case for Clinton pathetically DIM  Dishonest Illogical Miscreant WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING WITH A PREZ ... |14:40| Presenting Video pointing out that language essentially subset of sec413 forced sex wording Signed by Clinton himself . |14:58| A criminal is to be allowed to perjury if 'Surprized' by truth ? Why do you need to Prepare to Tell the Truth ? |15:5| ' His goal was to be truthful ' but Missed ?? . That`s a defense ? This is becoming the palpable HORROR which finally scared everyone about their plans to Nationalize the Health Industry unter Hillary . |16:13| Clinton is upholding the Rule of Lawyers against the Rule of Law . |16:20| I am affraid we are in for a horrible spectical of abuseful use of Betty Curry by her evil boss . An effort to say it was Monica & Betty coluding , but Bill had nothing to do with it . |22:29| The Polls are Unbelievable . How are they sampling ? Anyone in NYC who thinks Clinton should get a pass , needs to consider that Giuliani agrees . What if it were him who perjured and induced others to perjure against them ? USA Today : .25 Clinton Honest , .76 approval . .79 he lied . ============================: THU.JAN,990121 :============================ NY Software Summit FIT Midtown |10:25| Nichols : .28 + .15 |>| 43 Marginal rate + state . @ 25000 income . WilliamRoth(sR-DE) Fed Gov : .25 of GDP | spending 1.7T$ JackKemp v JesseJackson | Chrysler worker & wife income | 75000 | |10:50| TomHarken(sD-IA) (wed) : Sunshine best Disinfectant . Debate in public . I think it a propitious occurance . Will offer preferential motion to open debate of summary judgement . Republicans should choose this occasion to set a record of a second Unanimous Agreement . The Clintons are bringing the State to a Singularity with a Citizen . The Senate is the Court in The State v Clinton , Excise the Cancer . |13:13| Kendall DIM  |13:27| Dishonest
 Illogical Miscreant DIM  |13:49|
 Dishonest Illogical Miscreant DIM 
 |13:52| Dishonest Illogical Miscreant DIM  |13:59| Dishonest Illogical Miscreant Will the Senate allow itself to be treated as so Dumb . DIM  |14:4| Dishonest Illogical Miscreant DaleBumpers DIM  |16:31| Dishonest Illogical
 Miscreant Sluffs off Travel Office . |20:54| Elderly woman broken in on by NYC Drug SWAT raid . 1st this yr . ============================: FRI.JAN,990122 :============================ |9:34| Is Clinton going to be feeling the pain He is causing Betty Curry necessitating her testimony before the nation by lacking the Honor to end his destruction of our country ? Question : Who has (had) a greater sense of Honor , Nixon or Clinton ? E-mail to : Subject: Unanimous Convictions Dear Senator Moynahan , I know a couple of your kids , TJ & Mike(?) thru Baird Jones and John Westergaard . I mentioned to John in an email back in September : Re: Moynihan Democrat Moynihan`s about the best there is . At least he can do arithmetic -- and believes it . For sake of your legacy and to restore the Honor of your Party and the State , Please work with the other Honorable Senators to complete a record of unanamous decisions . For example , unless some of you can go to Bill Clinton and find somewhere of Honor to Resign and end his Destruction of our Experiment in Self Rule , it is clear witnesses will have to be seen . Just go straight to that motion and pass it unanimously . (sic) Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:41:07-0500 . |23:47| If the Democrats are so partisan as to destroy this country , what will there be to pledge allegance to ? Menendez Bros , RodneyKing Cops , O.J.Simson , BillClinton The American Dream is on life support What a Nightmare It's time to take to the Streets ============================: SAT.JAN,990123 :============================ |12:57| Please Repubs , agree unanomously w Harken & Wellstone , & Leahy & Feingold Sunshine rule . The House Managers were wrong to move unilaterally to speak w Lewinsky . [ 241036| this complaint appears vacuous ] |21:52| If the Senate fails to Cleanse the Executive Quickly , I will be shopping for a handgun . ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++: SUN.JAN,990124 :++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Subject: Please pass this Senator Schumer Dear Senator Moynahan , Please pass this on to Senator Schumer who apparently is not yet set up to receive e-mail . Dear Sen Schumer , |9:43| Given Mayor Giuliani`s defense of the exemption of Perjurers in High Office from loss of office , while supporting Commissioner Safir`s plan to seize automobiles at roadblocks without due process , when one of his police officers perjured himself again me in a case involving seizure of my property , Given all this , if there are not 12 Democrats with the Honor to cleanse the State of it`s Criminal Chief , I will be shopping for a gun . Don`t you people realize you are being suckered into Destroying our Country defending the indefensible ? From 990123 : from the Economic Government Group : "actual" Bill of Right : AMENDMENT VI In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to avoid prosecution by exhausting the legal process and its practitioners. Failure to succeed shall result in speedy plea-bargaining. Convicted persons shall be entitled to appeal until sentence is completed. It shall be unlawful to bar or deter an incompetent person, but encouraged to bar a fully informed person, from service on a jury. 16-18| AnnHamilton Aldrich Museum Ridgefield CT 258 Main Free Bus frm Soho . McArthur winner . ============================: MON.JAN,990125 :============================ If , as the Supreme Court ruled , being President does not confer immunity against a civil case , I believe they would be quite receptive to an immediate filing of a Criminal Case against Bill Clinton . This should be done immediately if 34 or more in the Senate end up abetting the Clintons` criminality . I would think prudent Senate Dems , who must understand by now the depth of the Clintons` criminal enterprise , would get rid of them simply in fear of what will continue to come out . Of course , the public acceptance of the Clintons is abetted by DIM  Dishonest Illogical Miscreant lies like ' nothing was found in TravelGate ' . If anyone wants to get a foretaste of what Personal Testimony is like , Pull up the C-SPAN tapes of the 6 libeled and fired and falsely imprisoned career WH Travel Office workers who were in the way of Bill`s incompetent 25 yr old , niece or cousin . Hillary , of course , wielded the ax . |14:4| Perhaps it`s time to form a symetrically bipartisan group to visit the Clintons and ask them to resign . |15:21| NicoleSeligman DIM  |15:22| Dishonest
 Illogical Miscreant DIM  |15:25|
 Dishonest Illogical Miscreant Again , I ask the Democrats - how dumb does the WH think You are ? How will people judge You in 2100 when they read these notes ? Nicole is inviting criminal proscecution . Go For It !!! SUPER !!! DIM  |15:38|
 Dishonest Illogical Miscreant . Exile him ? Byrd could reclaim his Stature by chosing to now withdraw his motion . |16:12| Can`t get on to upload above . JohnWestergaard has devastating perception of Clinton`s State of the Union palaver . Woman Caller : Only difference between PaulaJones and MonicaLowinsky is that one said yes and one said no . |16:50| not responding . |22:19| I really have pretty completely stopped listening to DIM  Dishonest Illogical Miscreant comentary , but just clicked by Jeff Greenfield being uncharacteristically stupid . There is a simple way to end this quickly . The Senate can just tell the Clintons to resign , or , like you do with a puppy , everyone`s face will be rubbed into their excrement until they catch on where the stench is coming from . Time and History are on the side of Honor , which , it happens , is the Repubs . ============================: TUE.JAN,990126 :============================ |8:50| They`d be in Jail if not in Our White House Fire them . Have the Clintons found the FATAL flaw in the US Constitution - that Truth was such a prerequisite for Honor , that they didn`t think to include its lack , Perjury , in the Impeachment clause . ' Convict & leave in Office ' ?! Talk about Emasculating the System !! |13:38| Kerry DIM  Dishonest Illogical
 Miscreant Don`t you feel the slime on you ? Make no Mistake , it is the Democrats that are on trial with the Clintons . |14:13| Rogan : first quoting of Hillary : Ministering to 100s out of religious conviction . If Democrats have any sense of self-preservation they better start looking for lifeboats  Resign ?  Convict ! . |14:43| Just how stupid does the Kendall et al think Senators and the rest of us are ? Amazing to hear them reference Kafka & Darkness at Noon . |14:55| While the Living Satan spouts about Justice for All at the skirts of the Pope visiting St Louis . ============================: WED.JAN,990127 :============================ Excellent result that Witness list is just Lewinsky & Clinton co-conspiritors - leaving it up to the MudHouse to call BettyCurrie if they feel subjecting her to the experience will help them . |10:55| |12:55| started all day ticket to Godzilla attacks thE Fish Market . ( too dark ; kinda stupid ; Impressive Dyno crowd animation , but dark ; looks like CD game footage . ) *** Russ Feingold MN *** *** Alone , Honorable among Democrats *** Perhaps he feels JessieVentura`s implication more than most . The DIM Dishonest Illogical Miscreant ocrats are Unbelievably Arrogant Criminals !!! With this vote , they are even ignoring their vaunted polls , which I understand were about .68 for witnesses as of yesterday . ' Belief in Honesty ' now being labeled ' Conservative ' ============================: THU.JAN,990128 :============================ > CHICago . to tie up issues caused substantially by complexity of IRS rules & their failure to keep good records . Also Illinois State beauracracy on my brother JackArmstrong `s guardianship =HP=========================: FRI.JAN,990129 :============================ Staying @ cousin Jean & Harvey`s . Brought a hanging Duck & # of CrispyPork & 3 pigeons from NYC ChinaTown . Last night , much enjoyed watching Harvey expertly & efficiently replace the R.F. wheel bearing on one of his old Caddy Eldorados without a helping hand . We who hate the Clintons , hate them because they are the Modern Face of Evil 18-20| 537 Bwy . Emily Harvey Gallery .

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