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    / ======================== / wed.feb.20040204 / ======================== / 
    ( see for details )
    with Muralist
    Barbara Listenik
    and master paint maker Bill Rabinowitz
    In memory :
    John Westergaard
    Invites you to CoSy MidWinter 17 ( 0 origin )

    Febuary 7 *
    20:00 -
    *( for logistic reasons this year's CMWG w b delayed .82% from wed.feb;20040204 )

    470 Flushing Ave Williamsburg
    3 blk W of G train
    ( Marcy Houses mark WSW corner )

    Bob Armstrong

    Premium Bottles available for donation to Manhattan Libertarians and Culver Academies
    / ======================== / thu.feb.20040219 / ======================== / / 1058 / CSPAN : Open Debates Alan Keyes great speech . / ======================== / mon.mar.20040301 / ======================== /
    Liberty : "ridiculous protection of rich elderly people in the city of NY." From: Travis Pahl Subject: Re: [LPNY DISCUSS] Re: platform comparison Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 08:56:12 -0800 (PST) To: On Mon, 1 Mar 2004, greghevia wrote: > --- In, Travis Pahl wrote: > > On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, greghevia wrote: > > > Also, I could pick out the Libertarian positions in my sleep. But > > > that because ya'll are against everything and your positions sound > > > the most militant, and also the most cohesive in comparison to the > > > other positions. > > > > yeah, they are not called the party of principle for nothing. And > also I > > am confused by what you called militant. They are by far the most > > pacifist platform of the 4. > > Militant meaning - Unyeilding to principle, no matter the effect. > Like, you guys would just end certain gov't programs without > providing a transition stage or something to replace the old > programs, even if the replacements were privatized. You just plain > end things. The LP seems like a slash and burn party, just cutting > everything in sight, without replanting anything on the ground it > just vacated. We replace them with a free market. That is a replacement. Some libertarians do propose transitions if you actually lpaid attn to their campaigns. But those that don't histrorically have done better and it makes sense. You do not end government programs by making a transition program. Whenever you try to slowly transition something out you end up with more problems or never really getting rid of it. Look at rent control. How long has that been on the transition out in NYC? had they just continued to fight a little longer to abolish it all at once, housing would be a free market there and you would have MUCH cheaper housing. But instead you are probably looking at at least another 30 years of the ridicoulus protection of rich elderly people in the city of NY. > I have notcied that. Also, really high scoring for the green party. > Which I find odd. Because the greens have alot of anti establishment politics. They recognize that the system is loaded againt third parties as well. They are also opposed to corporate welfare and have decent platforms against drug legalization. Travis ~~~ LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF NEW YORK ~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ <*> To visit your group on the web, go to: / ======================== / wed.mar.20040303 / ======================== / CSPAN : Greenspan @ NY : Goal of Central Banker to maintain value of their currency . Makes sense because maximizes value of government's treasury relative Rest of World . / ======================== / mon.mar.20040315 / ======================== / Atlantic Journal "Obesity too widespread to go without attention" Made me laugh with its self-evidentness . Unbelievably Nanny-Statist . WarOnSomeDrugs U.S. stuck in the quagmire By Robert Hardaway Excellent overview with statistics and history / ======================== / sun.mar.20040321 / ======================== / I should have posted this some time ago . Another friend of mine is going to prison , a casualty of the War on (some) Drugs : Libertarian Don Meinhausen Emprisoned / ======================== / tue.mar.20040323 / ======================== / Liberty The American Conservative : In Praise of Laudanum No tyrannical European king or dictator even dreamed of so intruding on the private lives of individuals as to interfere with access to pain relief and psychological equilibrium. At least not until FDRís Harry Anslinger, of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
    / ======================== / thu.mar.20040325 / ======================== / 
    MSNBC Question of the day : Is there any govt. official you think is personally at fault for 9/11? Truman . In 1948 he failed to heed the wisdom of the First Clause of the First Amendment . So now we are learning again 215 years later the reality of religious war which it was designed to prevent . / ======================== / thu.may.20040513 / ======================== / Kurt Vonnegut at 81 :
    ... But I know now that there is not a chance in hell of Americaís becoming humane and reasonable. Because power corrupts us, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Human beings are chimpanzees who get crazy drunk on power. By saying that our leaders are power-drunk chimpanzees, am I in danger of wrecking the morale of our soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East? Their morale, like so many bodies, is already shot to pieces. They are being treated, as I never was, like toys a rich kid got for Christmas.

    / ======================== / fri.jun.20040611 / ======================== / Liberty

    Note to The Kansas City Channel about their failure to include the LP in their coverage :

    I imagine by now you are finding out that the Libertarians ARE the third largest and most organized party in our country , and represent the self-reliant entrepreneurial individuals who see the profound wisdom of the principles our nation was founded to nurture .

    I've not been in your beautiful state since imprinting the indelible memories I have of riding thru the Ozarks on my Yamaha 250 back in the 60s . While I now live about a 1000 meters from ground zero , please do reflect the fact in your coverage that the choice your voters will have this fall is between the establishment duopoly who believe they are more capable of making our decisions for us , and Michael Badnarik , our articulate spokesman for the competence and morality of each of us to be responsible for our own decisions .

    Bob Armstrong

    / ======================== / sat.may.20040529 / ======================== / 
    Response to eThePeople conversation : Wal Mart SUCKS! People CHOOSE WalMart posted 06/29, by CoSyBob Add IM (viewed 1 times) Popularity : 5 (0 encourage, 0 discourage) Walmart earns $9 billion or 3.5% delivering $267 billion worth of goods to people who CHOOSE to buy from them . Every person who works for them CHOOSES to work for them . On both sides of those relationships , what ever WalMart is offering , it must be better than any alternatives those who CHOOSE to deal with them can find . That is FREEDOM ; that is what has given US among the highest standards of living in the world despite those who rant against it and believe somehow politicians weilding State FORCE will create a greater good
    / ======================== / mon.jul.20040712 / ======================== / 
    CSPAN /  Have now spent more that $20,000 per working age Iraqi on war 
    / 1906 / George Farah /  No Debate  : Had League of Women Voters for 3 cycles .
     Jimmy Carter did no show up for John Anderson debate who went on to R Reagan
     R & M rejected 68 proposed speakers . So CPB created by Rupublictats .
     No change in heads in 17 yrs of existence .
     Alan Simpson for CPD / Memoranda of understandings kept secret . prohibit
     any other debates . Consultants paid a lot to teach candidates how to be boring .
     Hand pick questioners . Jim Leherer passive . Pre screen Town hall questions .
     Candidates restrict own response times . Prohibit themselves from talking to
     each other . Kerry : questions lousy .
     Lack of transparency -- arms length from candidates / `96 perot .75 wanted
     had 29M$ tax money . oposite world series /
     Big busn foots bill & gets tax deduct .
     25m fewer watched 2000 / .6 to .3 /
     Youth debate /
     cndidate appleseed taskforce criteria / mafority want or .05 in polls
     need to make competative push
    / ======================== / thu.jul.20040715 / ======================== / 
     Manhattan Borough President Office  "Business Unsusual"  Art Show
    Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
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