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    / ======================== / fri.feb.20050204 / ======================== /

    ! MidWinter !

    THIS Friday , 2005 02 04 , 20:00 til ?

    ! CoSy Party like it's 2005 !

    Proposed Banner of the NeoPythagoreans -- B A 2005

    Memento Mori : Ken Iverson ( 1920 - 2004 ) , Father of APL

    Click for MAP and Full INVITE to The Haven
    the new South Bronx Gallery , this year's venue

    The hard disk on my old Sony notebook froze a bit ago and I lost a lot of information in my address lists so flesh out my records , s`il vous plait : Update My Info


    / ======================== / wed.mar.20050309 / ======================== /


    Next Chapter meeting :

    Manhattan Libertarian Party March Meeting

    Wednesday, March 9, 2005

    First Reformed Episcopal Church, 317 East 50th St.
    basement level

    Business : 6:30 p.m ; Program : 7:30 pm

    DEBATE :
    Resolved : The invasion of Iraq has been a
    costly breach of libertarian ideals .

    Bob Armstrong

    The variety of Mr. Armstrong's interests can be seen on his website including his CoSy/Liberty page . His core pursuit is advancing human/computer language and interface .

    Kevin Smith

    Mr. Smith has an A.B. in Economics from Holy Cross and his J.D. from Georgetown with an LL.M. in Taxation . He was a major participant in the resurgence of the Manhattan LP in 2002 .


    / ======================== / sun.apr.20050403 / ======================== /

      I find I am cited , for CoSy's TUI , as an " interesting person " among very good company on the TUNES Project site .

    / ======================== / wed.apr.20050420 / ======================== /

    LIBERTY/1stClause :
    Interesting differentiation of notions of relationship between State and Religion "secularism" versus "laicism" Ataturk Society of America Ataturk said, "Religion is a matter of conscience. One is always free to act according to the will of one's conscience. We (as a nation) are respectful of religion. It is not our intention to curtail freedom of worship, but rather to ensure that matters of religion and those of the state do not become intertwined." Thus, when I advocate full separation of state and religion, I am in pretty good company.

    The basis of any decision should be of course the Turkish constitution. That document defines the Turkish state as a "laic" state true to Ataturk's principles and reforms. The U.S. press normally refers to Turkey as a "secular" country. These two words do not mean exactly the same thing and we should clarify the difference. The U.S. constitution mandates separation of state and church, which is again quite different. Webster's dictionary defines "secular" as "of or relating to the worldly or temporal, not ecclesiastical or clerical." The definition of "laicism" is, "a political system characterized by the exclusion of ecclesiastical influence or control." ...


    / ======================== / wed.apr.20050420 / ======================== /

    LIBERTY/NannySocialism :
    Just heard on CNBC that Cops are using night vision goggles to peer in cars and check seat belt usage . Have already issued 44 tickets . Following the horrendous PSAs on TV showing Cops "no matter where you live , no matter who you are " hassling and arresting drivers about seat belt usage , on top of the extension of the WOsD to nicotine , I don't know how anybody can still not be really scared .

    / ======================== / wed.aug.20050810 / ======================== /

    I'm leaving New York after 21 years in the city and 25 in the state . There are a couple of factors in my decision . I am going to be immersed for an extended period in the creation of 4th.CoSy which as with any computer language now days must be made available for free on the web thus making it hard to predict when or if it will ever produce income . Were I to stay in New York , I would have to scramble for investment , which would just go for rent anyway . Moving to the family compound above Colorado Springs , my marginal costs will be 0 , I'll be able to relieve my sister of some of the care of our retarded brother , Jack , and we will have a reason to renovate the second out-cabin on the property . But , all that may not have been persuasve if New York had not become a city I find distinctly unpleasant because of the nanny tyrants who have greatly infringed my quality of life . Below is my parting shot to the City Council . Note that I decided to leave well before the recent escalation of the police state pointless invasion of your personal property just getting on the Subway . The reasons for leaving just get stronger all the time .

    I Leave New York
    Open letter to my Councilman Alan Gerson on my disgust with our loss of Freedom Bob Armstrong

    Coherent Systems
    Alan Gerson
    NYC Councilman , district 1

    Alan ,

    I am in the process of changing my addresses on my website , from 42 Peck Slip where I have lived 21 years to my new address in the mountains of Colorado . I'm leaving largely because you and your fellow council people have criminalized , at the behest of authoritarian mayors , my right to relax and to efficiently get to around this city to cultural events and even shopping . The cowboys I'll meet out in Colorado may not be as stimulating as the many exceptional friends in many fields I will be leaving here , but at least we will still enjoy the Freedom to relax with a cigar and friends and a beer .

    Alan , I know you are aware of my vision for the continuing hole in our your district , the Conic All Connect , about which my favorite comment has been

    Your WTC solution is the most inspiring one I have seen and is the only one which makes the needed statement that we are "greater than before and greater than the world ever knew". I expect, however, that the final design will be awarded based on political criteria.

    Well , it's no longer my community . The understanding of Liberty in this city and state has become as hollow as the Statue in our your harbor .

    I'm 60 years old and in good shape except for a left leg shattered in a climbing accident 33 years ago . Not only have you eliminated the possibility of my enjoyment of any commercial night life in this city , but you have criminalized the very 21st century practical , affordable , individual urban folding scooters which made it possible for me to get up to the art galleries of Chelsea and then to after-parties in the East Village , or even just to the great cheese store by Astor Place or the sausage shops on 2nd Avenue , without hobbling around with a cane the next day .

    A decade ago , I could not have escaped your nanny tyranny . But with the internet I can even continue as webmaster for my talented and angry fellow Manhattan Libertarians .

    One of my friends among the elite of the global computer programming community , when he learned of my leaving , emailed :
    whoa! bob armstrong leaving new york?
      (think: canary in the coal mine)
    Perhaps the first of us to get out are those like me for whom the discomfort of not being able to relax with a drink and a smoke as our fathers did or as George Burns did to the age of 100 is secondary to our gut level disgust and fear seeing some bullying pisher who was a junior when we were freshman now have the force of police behind his assertion of control over details of our peaceful voluntary choices .

    According to current articles on , New York City is #1 most expensive place to live , and #2 , second only to Boston , in terms of housing bubble risk . Well , the historic and inspiring view of New York's 19th century greatness I've enjoyed for a couple of decades is now added to the housing stock . It sure as hell is not worth fighting to stay here ; I'm moving where I won't have an iron fence between me and every patch of green .

    You and your fellow members of the political class may have millions of sheep willing to be your sidewalk serfs , but you don't have me .

    I'm out of here .

    Bob Armstrong

    CoSy : Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .
    Contact : Bob Armstrong ; About this page : Feedback ; 212.285.1864
    Coherent Systems / 28224 Highway 67 / Woodland Park , Colorado / 80863-9711
    /\ /\ Top /\ /\

    / ======================== / wed.sep.20050921 / ======================== /

    I finally have a new phone number , 719-337-2733 , so I'll be completing my disconnect from NYC .

    From first email out

    I'm glad I didn't have to die to get so much closer to libertarian heaven .

    I've stayed the last 2 days with my niece Brooke , , who has just moved to a house my sister found in Morrison , right next to the Red Rocks amphitheater . The closest comparison in NY I've seen is WoodStock . The freedom is to cry for .

    To have a waiter see you sit down with friends having some dinner , and just walk over and drop you an ashtray [ for your cigar ] is sweet . "sweet" and "cute" get a lot of work around here .

    To be able to stroll over to a secluded park by Bear Creek with your cigar and a beer bottle is sweet .

    For those who've asked about how I'm finding life in this ( literally ) Red State I've enclosed a picture of the Motorola "Canopy" Line of Sight antenna installed the beginning of the month by which just bought the local . I was surprised to find this technology has been available less than 4 years .

    I've also attached a pik of me with the conure which has become attached to me as if she'd read Poe or Coleridge.

    Now that I'm connected (fast) everything is fairly copecetic except my allergies to all my sister's mammals . Lots to fix up and clean up and offer a counter point to leaning over the computer .

    Look for a practical product for sale on in a month or so .

    / ======================== / mon.oct.20051010 / ======================== /

    Autumn Attacks :

    CoSy : Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .
    Contact : Bob Armstrong ; About this page : Feedback ; 719-337-2733
    Coherent Systems / 28124 Highway 67 / Woodland Park , Colorado / 80863-9711
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