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    Partly motivated by having an older brother retarded from birth trauma , I spent from about 1965 til 1980 trying to figure out how brains work . By the time I entered graduate school at Northwestern University in 1969 , I realized that nothing but mathematical explanations satisfied me . I learned APL simultaniously with learning multidimensional algebra and geometry . The powers APL gave me also tended to isolate me because none of my peers or professors understood it .

    A major motivation for my - some have said : monomaniacal - determination to create and live my life in a general purpose APL environment is a sense that only a population understanding APL level notation will be able to play with and grok my old work , and move forward .

    I still consider the work I did back then the most consequential I will ever do , altho it is only now with the Web , that I can publish it widely myself . The final status of my thoughts is summarized in ScienceNews:ConsciousnessLtr921031

    990522| For ongoing thoughts See : Views/Consciousness

    By 1979 , I had been effectively ostracized from the experimental psychology department and any chance of getting a PhD . However Professor Donald T Campbell , a social psychologist and philosopher supported the typing up and printing of about 50 copies of what would have been my thesis . Views/sykofiz/Thresholds
    Otherwise , my only resource was unlimited access to Vogelback Computing center . I certainly had no money to hire a typist . Perhaps an additional spur towards using the computer for everything is my poor handwriting -- I`m left handed .

    For the APL conference in Rochester NY that year , I wrote the following paper as a poster summarizing the crucial experimental evidence that my insights into threshold behavior were correct . All of the editing was done in APL and some of the functions from back then remain in constant use in CoSy today [ 2000 ].
    Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .

    Contact : Bob Armstrong ; About this page : Feedback ; 212.285.1864
    Coherent Systems / 42 Peck Slip 4b/ New York NY 10038.1725
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